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The Yo team exceeded our expectations, delivered an OM in less than 24 Hours!
Joel Stien
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Offering Memorandums

A good deal requires a better OM, we do extensive market research, professional copy, number word structure, and visual graphs – let the deal represent itself.

Transition Branding

Congrats, you closed – we all know it’s far from over, let us take one task out of your bucket by managing the entire brand transition, servicing all print design, web listings, social media, etc.

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Cyber Services

In today’s digital world nothing is more important than having a clean and healthy presence on the web, let us raise your reviews, set up social media, and build your new site.

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Why Us

How we do it

Innovative strategies

It’s not just taking your numbers and adding design, we do extensive research on your project and its location to better present its value, obtain and edit images – we offer renderings or live photography of the property. We’ll do whatever it takes to ensure your deal is well presented.  

A live project

Bring a hard copy of your OM to the meeting or a responsive web link with its content – We offer budgetary printing in all shapes and sizes, or set login credentials so only authorized personnel can view your memorandum on the web which makes for a better E searing experience. 

Efficiency and perfection

We totally get you! a real estate deal is A large undertaking from due-diligence to capital to closing and everything in-between – creating an offering memorandum is not exactly what’s on your mind. the last minute is our time, we’ll create a draft in under 3 days on standard time and offer rush service for under 24 hours, so you can do you!

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Case studies

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About Us

Who we are

Art is the professional term for having fun

Design is what we do, it’s what we strive to get better at daily, it’s who we are – Confucius “If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life” our team is naturally passionate about every project as this is our calling. This enables us to always be willing and able to go above and beyond for you since it’s ultimately for us. 

Our leader Yocheved Ginsberg – has over 10 years in design, our team consists of designers, copywriters, developers, photographers who make your dream team – The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team – Start your first project with the Yo Squad today! 

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